1. Alcon Electronics Pvt. Ltd., (hereinafter 'Alcon') warrants its products (hereinafter 'products') under normal usage and service, against manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials, for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of manufacture (hereinafter 'warranty period')
  2. Alcon's sole liability under this warranty shall be to repair or replace, at Alcon's discretion, any product which, in Alcon's opinion has exhibited manufacturing defect within the warranty period. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of its products.Excluded from warranty are products prematurely rendered unserviceable owing to improper treatment/usage, (such as operation without adequate / continuous cooling as prescribed/required, voltage fluctuations, improper fitment, improper storage / operating conditions etc.) overloading, circuit errors, as well as capacitors operated without observing the data given in our catalogue. Warranty is also excluded in cases where faults can no longer be recognized on the product/s owing to third party interferences.
  3. Warranty can only become effective if the defective capacitor is received by us in the same condition as it was when it happened to fail.
  4. Alcon reserves its right to inspect any records/equipment to establish the use of the product/s and/or the causes for its failure/defect.
  5. For claiming warranty, the defective product/s should be returned to Alcon, if possible in its original packing, within 14 days following the data of failure, being accompanied by the COMPLETELY filled-in and signed Original Warranty Certificate.   Defective products shall be returned, freight prepaid, directly to the following address: Alcon Electronics Pvt. Ltd., 34-B, M.I.D.C. Industrial Area, Satpur, Nashik - 422 007, India.
  6. THE ABOVE WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Alcon shall not be liable for any damages sustained by its customer or any other party arising from or relating to any product failure, including but not limited to consequential damages, nor shall Alcon have any liability for delays in replacement or repair of its products.   No agent, representative dealer or employee of Alcon has the authority to increase, alter or otherwise modify the provisions of this LIMITED WARRANTY.
  7. Unless otherwise provided for hereinafter, warranty shall be governed by General Terms of Sale and Delivery.
  8. When acknowledging the warranty claim, any non-repairable product shall remain Alcon's property. Upon refusal of any warranty claim the defective product shall be returned at the customer's expense only if explicitly demanded while asserting the warranty claim. In case examination of the defective product has required the same to be disassembled, the customer agrees that no claim of arises from such disassembly.
  1. Alcon products are manufactured under high degree of quality control.
  2. Before installing any capacitor, customers are requested to carefully read the related product specification.
  3. Improper installation might cause damage to the component.
  4. To avoid unexpected accidents or failures, user should take take into account circuit redundancy and/or fault tolerance design.
  5. Alcon’s liability in case of product failure is limited to repair /replacement of faulty product.
  6. Alcon shall not be liable on any account for damage to life and/or property resulting from any improper use and/or incorrect installation of Alcon products.
  7. Alcon shall not be liable product problems arising from any accident, fair wear and tear, negligent use, tampering, improper handling, operation, storage, etc.
  8. Alcon shall also not be liable for damages of any sort arising from the use of Alcon products; including without limitation any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damage/s such as personal injury, loss of business or anyother pecuniary loss of any nature whatsoever.
  1. The acceptance of this Order shall constitute the contract between the Buyer (Alcon Electronics Pvt. Ltd.] and the Seller.
  2. Unless otherwise stated in this Order, goods are to be delivered free to our Nashik Plant or to the location stated in the Order.
  3. Delivery, unless otherwise specified, is to be made to the Receiving Section, Nashik Plant, where the goods will be received by handing over a proof of delivery. The Buyer declines all responsibility for payment where proof of delivery cannot be given.
  4. An Invoice in duplicate bearing this Order number as reference, along with documentary evidence of delivery, must be sent of the Accounts Department after the delivery of the goods has been effected.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed payment against such invoices will be made within ninety (90) days. Payment will be made by cheques drawn on a Bank in Nashik and all Bank charges will be borne by the seller.
  6. Dispatch advice / note should be sent to Buyer's Office at the time the goods are dispatched.
  7. Failure to comply with the conditions numbered 3 to 6 above may cause delay in payment; however, such delay shall in no way affect the Buyer's rights to any discount agreed between the parties.
  8. The Seller warrants that the said goods supplied under this Purchase Order shall conform to the description / sample / specification provided, shall be of good material and workmanship, merchantable, adopted for the purpose intended and free from defects and that their sale or use does not infringe any patents, registered designs, trade marks, or trade names.
  9. Acceptance of any of the goods by the Buyer shall not discharge the Seller from liability for breach of any condition, or warranty contained there in or implied by law. Buyer is entitled to reject defective goods by notification to Seller and to thereafter hold the same at Seller's risk. Seller shall make immediate arrangement to remove defective goods from Buyer's premises. Failure to so comply could result in demurrage being payable by the Seller.
  10. The Buyer reserves the right to cancel or amend this order or any part thereof without assigning any reason.
  11. The Buyer shall be entitled to rescind the contract wholly or in part, if delivery of the goods is not made in accordance with the terms of the contract, without taking formal steps such as issuance of any Notice.
  12. The Seller would be under no liability to deliver and the Buyer to accept deliveries of the goods hereunder when such failure is to timely supply goods under this purchase order is delayed to due to act of God, enemies, fire, earthquake, floods, strikes, lock outs, labour troubles, transportation, embargoes and other similar causes beyond the control of the Buyer or Seller, as the case may be.
  13. The Buyer assumes no obligation in relation to any goods delivered in excess of those specifically ordered.
  14. All packaging such as boxes, barrels or bundles must be numbered consecutively and the same numbers shown on packing slips, bills of lading and invoices.
  15. Seller shall ensure that no third party rights of any nature are violated in the supply of goods under this Purchase Order. The Seller alone shall be responsible, and undertakes to indemnify the Buyer, including legal fees, for any violation of third party rights.
  16. Where the Order covers a contract to provide labour to work within the premises of the Buyer, it is expressly agreed that the workmen shall be insured by the Seller/Contractor and that all legal liability towards the said workmen shall be that of the Seller/Contractor.
  17. Buyer's Sales Tax / VAT numbers are indicated on this Order form. Any declaration required against these numbers would be forwarded to the Seller on demand.
  18. Buyer shall not be responsible for Seller's failure to comply with all statutory requirements.
  19. The delivery date and other terms and conditions of the Order must be adhered to or else the Order would be treated as cancelled.
  20. Disputes, if any, between the parties shall be subject to arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The place of Arbitration shall be Nashik or Mumbai; and laws of India shall be applicable


  1. Quotations are subject to order acceptance by the Seller (Alcon Electronics Pvt. Ltd.).
  2. Terms and Conditions as mentioned in the order acceptance shall be applicable.
  3. Unless otherwise specifically intimated by the Buyer, within a period of one week from the date of the Seller's order acceptance, the terms and conditions mentioned in the Seller's said order acceptance shall constitute an agreement between the parties.
  4. Delivery schedule shall be as mentioned in the Seller's order acceptance.
  5. While delivery dates are indicative and not binding, the Seller in any case shall be entitled to cancel or postpone delivery for reasons/circumstances beyond its control.
  6. Prices quoted are subject to change.
  7. Product specifications as appearing in Seller's catalogue, web site, specification/data sheet, etc. are subject to change without notice.
  8. Terms of payment shall be as stated in the order acceptance.
  9. For deliveries beyond 90 days of the order acceptance, prices ruling at the time of delivery shall be applicable.
  10. For export sales, products are sold on an FOB/FCA - Mumbai basis, or FOB/FCA the port of shipping in India. Parties agree that title in the goods shall transfer to the Buyer upon goods being handed over to the carrier, whether carrier is named by the Buyer or otherwise.
  11. For sales within India, title in the goods shall transfer to the Buyer ex-factory of the Seller.
  12. Upon an invoice or any part thereof, remaining unpaid beyond the period mentioned in the order acceptance, the Buyer shall return the goods, or any proportionate quantity thereof as determined by the Seller. All costs and expenses associated with such return of goods shall be borne by the Buyer
  13. Interest @ 18% shall be payable on any amount outstanding beyond the period mentioned in the order acceptance.
  14. Should the Buyer for any reason fail to take delivery, demurrage @ 5%per week / warehousing charges at actual for goods stored outside Seller's premises shall be payable by the Buye
  15. For domestic sales, the Seller shall insure the goods at its cost, and the Buyer shall co-operate with the Seller to recover any insurance claims.
  16. Any sum received as advance shall be non-refundable if the order is cancelled by the Buyer, or if the Buyer fails to take delivery within a period of 3 (three) months from being intimated that the goods are ready for delivery.
  17. Orders once placed may be cancelled by the Buyer only in case of any unwarranted delay in the delivery of goods by the Seller.
  18. The Buyer shall be liable for taking delivery and effecting payment once goods are manufactured following the order acceptance by the Seller; unless the Seller at their sole discretion agrees to cancel the order or any part thereof. Any costs and/or expenses on account of such cancellation shall be borne by the Buyer.
  19. Goods are warrantied against faulty workmanship or faulty materials for a period of 6 months from the date of manufacture. Further, warranty shall apply only if goods are used in accordance with Seller's user guidelines and/or standard industry practices. Please see product catalogue/web site for details.
  20. Buyer shall inspect the goods immediately upon delivery, and must make claims of any visible defects/complaints within a period of 7 days of delivery. Failure to make any claims within this time period shall constitute unqualified acceptance of the goods.
  21. If any product is found to have a manufacturing defect, Seller shall, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace any defective product free of charge.
  22. Buyer shall use the goods only for their intended purposes; doing otherwise shall disentitle the Buyer to the Seller's warranty.
  23. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of parts or for consumable parts.
  24. Seller shall not be liable to replace the product under the terms of this warranty where the defect has been caused or is attributable to misuse / negligence, or use is contrary to the rated capability/capacity of the product, or contrary to instructions given in the catalogue/web-site, or where the fault has been caused by improper user conditions, or where unauthrorised, unskilled personnel have attempted repairs.
  25. Please retain original of Seller's invoice to avail warranty support.
  26. Process for claiming warranty: A Buyer desirous of availing warranty must: (a) first lodge a formal complaint with the Seller, (b) upon receipt of acceptance of complaint by the Seller, return the product, along with proof of purchase, to the following address: Alcon Electronics Pvt. Ltd., 34-B, MIDC Industrial Estate, Satpur, Nashik - 422 007 India.
  27. The Seller assert their right in all intellectual property (including but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs and confidential information) used in relation to the goods, and the same shall not by used by the Buyer without the Seller's appropriate and express permission. While the Seller shall be responsible for its intellectual property claims within the territory of India, the Buyer shall be responsible within their territory for recognising and respecting any third party intellectual property rights in the goods.
  28. Dispute between the parties shall be subject to Arbitration to be held at Nashik under the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996; and all disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts at Nashik, Maharashtra, India.
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